Life happens to people all the time. They choose to get through it and move on or get through it and show those behind them the way. You are the latter and we are better for it.

You are an inspiration to me in our sessions. You listen extremely well and have many resources that are helpful to my development and well-being. I have grown SO much since I have been working with you!

Kim has been blessed with the gift of contagious joy and encouragement for others. Her struggles have given her a deep level of compassion and love for people from all walks of life. Her non-judgemental warm spirit naturally embraces those around her as she draws people close and ministers to their deep pain. Her talents are many and her communication engaging as she blends truth, wisdom and humor from her vast experiences raising her children and overcoming relational obstacles. Kim is an overcomer in every sense of the word, and truly uses her life as a ministry for others.

Kimberly has been a light for us to follow, an example of how to live, and an inspiration for both my husband and I. She has helped us in many ways and I would recommend Kimberly to anyone. She is a gift!


Wow! Great speaker. Engaging. Fascinating. So glad I attended. Lots to think about. Probably one of the best speakers I've ever heard. Had great suggestions. Enjoyed it very much. I wish more parents were here to hear this.

Kimberly!! What a pleasure it was to meet you and have you share at our event! The feedback is outstanding! I have already been implementing your training in my life and business! Thank you again Kimberly! You have a beautiful gift to share with others!

YOU WERE A HUGE SUCCESS!! You should be so proud of all your efforts in Saturday's event. We are very pleased with your presentation! Your content and personality resonated with so many, they are still talking about you today!

Kim, you are raw, real and relevant!

I loved our keynote speaker, Kimberly K. She was awesome!"
"Great Day - Loved Kimberly Krueger."
"Kimberly was so good!

Love and Logic® Facilitator

Kimberly is raising a dozen children of her own...She knows first hand how strong relationships need to be fostered. Several of the parents commented that they could have listened her for hours. She used humor and specific examples from her own life which really made an impact on the group. I would not hesitate to recommend Kimberly and her services to anyone. She has been there, done that. She is authentic and has a sense of humor when approaching sensitive areas with parents. And, she sparkles!

Kim does an amazing job. Not only in teaching how to relate to kids, but how to relate...period. The relational skills that I have learned in her class have helped me be a better parent, wife, daughter, friend and grandmother. It is not about controlling anyone other than ourselves. I never got that. Kim delivers her teaching from a place that not many understand, and it really helps to know that there is help in this area. Kim teaches from the perspective of love, respect, participation...she rolls it all up into one neat ball, and the result has been amazing in my life.

Kim is a terrific teacher. She is likable, approachable and gave memorable examples to help us, her students, to remember important concepts. I recommend Kim as a teacher and I recommend taking parenting classes from her, whether you are a parent, a teacher or both.