#1 Bestseller The Identity Effect

A Collection of Stories by Women Who've Discvored Their True Identity in Christ

“What God says about you, is the truest thing about you.” ~Lynda Kusick
From the time we are little girls, we will hear, think, and believe things about ourselves that contradict the Word of God; they’re simply not true. Some of these destructive beliefs shape much more than our self-image; they shape our choices, which ultimately shape our lives. To say our identities have a direct and powerful impact on our destinies is an understatement! To walk in our true identities, we must first learn what it is that God and His Word say about us, and then choose to agree with it! In this powerful collection of stories, you will meet an extraordinary group of women, from every age and stage of womanhood, who’ve done just that. Forsaking the approval of others, crippling self-doubt, painful rejection, and even wonderful titles and accolades, the authors of these dynamic stories have chosen to live by the words: “What God says about me, is the truest thing about me.” You are invited to live by them, too. 

Authors include: Amy Hauser, Becki Britz, Beth Zastrow, Brooke Kangas, Cheryl Matthews, Erika Villanueva, Heather Taylor, Jamie Dahl, Jasmin Almonte, Jennifer Webster, Joni Jones, Julissa Moreno, Kayley Hill, Kimberly Krueger, Kristen Brzezinski, Luanne Nelson, Marlene Dawson, Sara Junio, Toni Campbell, and Victoria Reinke. Expert Contributor: Susan C. Brozek, M.S.W., L.C.S.W. Edited by Amy Oaks & Kimberly Krueger 

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