#1 Bestseller FREE! by Kimberly Joy Krueger

FREE! Eight Graves, Seven Days & One Heart Healed by Love

Following the Feast of Tabernacles, Kimberly is called to take on her own journey through the wilderness. Prayer leads her to create a list of eight places from her past including: the place where she was abandoned, the place where she was abused, the places where she was betrayed, orphaned, and persecuted, plus the places where she grieved, failed, and sacrificed. “(She) changed my relationship with God’s word ... and healed my heart.” ~Kimberly Joy Krueger Retreat Attendee Kimberly’s seven-day journey to these heart- wrenching locations from her past are at once, and ironically, inspiring, encouraging, and extraordinary. Not only will readers see their own lives in her biography, but they will be strengthened by the dancing she learns to do on each of these ”graves.” Edited by Reji Laberje

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