FEW Women's Leadership Conference First-Time Attendees | THREE MONTHLY PAYMENTS

Lead in Faith, Family or Business the way you were created to after attending the FEW Women's Leadership Conference.

This jam-packed 3-day interactive conference for Christian Women will change the way you see God, yourself and others and therefore catapult you into your God-given destiny as a LEADER in Faith, Family and Business. Discover your true identity and how to walk in it. Learn how to master the highest form of leadership by learning to lead YOURSELF!

Based on the 50 Commands of Christ, this course will transform your spiritual, relational and professional life. Attending a second or third time? Register at a deep discount! (This conference is regularly priced at $699 for repeat attendees and $999 for first-time attendees.)

***Thursday evening, Friday all day, and Saturday all day, January 27 - 29, 2022**

Thurs: 5-9 pm
FRI: 9-5
Sat: 9-5

*No refunds/cancellations after 12.1.21* Cancellations will be refunded less a $100 administrative fee BEFORE 12.1.21.

This conference is regularly priced at $999 for first-time attendees.

One payment of $366 will be drafted at time of purchase. The card you use will then be charged two more times, once each month.