The Ah-Ha Effect

How a Single Moment Changed the Lives of These Extraordinary Women

"A single, clarifying moment in the life of a woman can forever change the course of her life as she knows it." The Ah-Ha Effect is what happens when one sudden and profound realization intersects with a woman's life, and is then acted upon. In this pivotal moment, she suddenly sees something that she did not see before or she understands something in a way that she did not understand it before. In a flash, a light now shines where there was once darkness! Enlightened by her revelation, she now has an opportunity to change the status quo, break out of whatever confinement that she has been living in and ultimately, change the legacy that she leaves behind. She will either choose to ignore her realization and stay on the wide road that leads to an ordinary existence or she will act on it, and therefore begin her journey on the narrow road reserved for the extraordinary. The contributing authors of this book are women who have had their Ah-Ha Moments and have chosen to act. This book is a celebration of their accomplishments and willingness to forge a path for other women who desire to live an extraordinary life.