You're invited to be a Founding Member of FEW! Join the FEW Centennial Club!
*Only available to the first 100 women*

Does the mission of FEW resonate with you? Do you want to help women all over the globe live the extraordinary lives Jesus died to give them, and help give them courage to tell their stories? I'm looking for the women who say YES to these questions! FEW's vision is huge and I can't do it alone.

The sky is the limit for where we're going and how we'll get there. Are you in it with me? For the long haul? If so, please consider becoming one of the very special FIRST 100 founding members of FEW!

FEW CENTENNIAL CLUB MEMBERSHIP is a VIP Membership for the first 100 women who say YES to being a founding member of FEW!

Centennial Club Membership includes VIP benefits that regular membership does not provide.

*Get 7 days advance VIP access to all FEW offers! (for FEW Centennial Club Members only!)
*Private VIP Quarterly Round Tables with Kimberly and YOU choose the topics! (for FEW Centennial Club Members only!)
*CC Membership fee locked at no more than $50 for life, never to increase as long as you remain a CC member (for FEW Centennial Club Members only!)
*VIP access to one free annual in-person event JUST FOR FEW CENTENNIAL CLUB MEMBERS!

Other benefits of your FEW Membership also included ...
*FEW Members can attend our monthly FEW Forums in person or online
*FEW Members never have to miss a meeting ... They receive the replay and resources each month
*FEW Members save $180 annually on FEW Monthly Forums by receiving the Member discount! (Guest registration is $65/visit)
*FEW Members have access to FEW's private Facebook Group Community
*FEW Members have access to Early Bird Pricing and various Member Discounts on events, publishing, and leadership/coaching.

How to JOIN:

–Already paying $50 per month? Just let me know that you'd like to be a Centennial Club Founding Member and YOU'RE IN! (You still have the option to pay the annual fee and get one month free!)

–Purchase the Annual FEW Centennial Club Membership for $550 and you get one month for free! (11 x 50) (Your current monthly payments will be put on PAUSE for one year) Link to annual option:


–Purchase the $50/month membership (if you don't already have it) and your monthly registration dues will never be higher. Link for monthly subscription:

–At the end of your first year of Centennial Club Membership, you'll have two options to renew. Choose this annual offer ($550) and get one free month every year! Or subscribe monthly at $50/month. The $50/month membership rate will be locked in for life for FEW Centennial Club Members ONLY.

–If you are currently an Ambassador, Virtual Member, Single Mom, or and are paying less than $50/month for your membership, simply pay the difference in one payment or monthly for 12 months. Your current rate of membership will be reinstated after 12 months. Your regular membership rate will be locked in for life at no more than $50/month, if you no longer qualify for the Single Mom Scholarship or the Ambassador Rate.

–Contact me if you are an Ambassador, Single Mom, or are receiving any form of discounted membership and would like to be a lifetime member of the Centennial Club.

–Centennial Club Benefits cease if your FEW Membership is canceled for any reason.

–Centennial Club Membership is only available to the first 100 Women who sign up.