FICC One Year Group Coaching Program Monthly Payments

We’re Here to Help!

We invite you to the FICC Group Coaching Experience. We’ll meet with you monthly for
one year. We’ll be your Coaches, Cheerleaders, Strategists, and the secret weapon in your business launch success. We created this program to help FEW Coaches hone their coaching craft while simultaneously overcoming the obstacles women entrepreneurs face.

We’ll coach you to successfully build a business in the first year. We’ll guide you each month with actionable steps, we’ll dive deeper on concepts you learned in FICC, we’ll answer all of your questions as they arise, and we’ll coach you through the emotional ups and downs of entrepreneurship.

If you do the work, you’ll be actively coaching others and you WILL have PAYING clients!

You’ll become …
•More confident and comfortable with promoting & speaking!
•More emotionally resilient and less afraid of NO!
•Great at Listening & Coaching!
•A great storyteller!
•Faithful at following up and serving your circle of influence!
•A better relationship and trust builder in business!
•A person of ACTION—who gets PAID!

One Year Coaching includes …
•12 months of Group Coaching with Kimberly and Heather
•A 2 Hour Interactive Group Session each month that includes Live Discussion
•Get better results faster for your clients while you build your business better and faster
•Brainstorm your plans with experts in our private FICC group
•Q&A Each month with Kimberly and Heather
•Added resources made available to you for coaching and marketing
•Like-minded community of coaches who want to reach more people

Regularly priced at $80/month for 12 months