FEW Monthly Meetings
I believe that women were created to be a solution for the problems we face in our world today.

That is why I empower women to live extraordinary lives in Faith, Family and Business and to tell their stories!
When a woman understands her true identity in Christ and embraces her God-given destiny, when she understands that everywhere she goes, she can be a part of the solution, there is no way she cannot live an extraordinary life
. ~Kimberly


FEW Members...
-Feel more confident
-Take better care of their spirits, souls and bodies
-Advance in Business
-Make discoveries about their purpose
-Live their passion
-Grow their relationships with God
-Reach personal and professional goals
-Strengthen their personal relationships
-Enjoy life more
-Learn to see themselves through God's eyes
-Become a source of strength and wisdom to others
-Learn how to get their breakthrough
-Acquire strategies for living an extraordinary life and making their mark on this world
-Find courage to tell their stories!

FEW Members never have to miss a meeting because they have access to Virtual FEW, too!

They also receive a discount on FEW monthly meetings and a 20% discount on FEW Retreats, Leadership Training and Publishing opportunities!

I hope you find that FEW is a fit for you!

FEW Time and Locations:

FEW Delafield
: 9:30 AM - 11:30 AM on the FIRST Thursday of each month
Revere's Wells Street Tavern | 505 Wells Street | Delafield | WI

Online Webinar Event hosted on ZOOM at 10:30 AM CST on the FIRST Friday morning of each month. (Join details and Recording provided to all FEW Members)

FEW Richfield:
6-8 PM on the THIRD Wednesday night of each month
Terrace 167 | HWY 167 | Richfield | WI

First Time Attendees REGISTER HERE for the event of your choice:




Once you've enjoyed your complimentary visit, there are THREE Options. All Access Membership, Virtual FEW ONLY Membership and attending as a Non-Member GUEST.

FEW Option ONE | LIVE & VIRTUAL MEMBERSHIP Subscription | $50/Month

FEW Members enjoy connecting with other extraordinary women while becoming leaders in Faith, Family and Business. They also receive the following benefits-
*$50/month auto draft with PayPal through my web store ​(draft will happen each month on the day you signed up) so no need to register every month
*Attend​ FEW Live and/or Virtual FEW Events PLUS receive the Recording & Handout each month so you never have to miss a FEW Event.
*Access to FEW's private Facebook Group
*Receive a special gift from Kim
*Save $180 annually as a Member
*Cancel anytime - no minimum commitment​ To become a FEW Member.

To join, click here and choose Option ONE, FEW Monthly Membership.

FEW Option TWO | VIRTUAL MEMBERSHIP Only | $40/Month

*$40/month auto draft subscription with PayPal so no need to register every month
*Attend​ Virtual FEW Events PLUS receive the recorded call and handout each month so you never have to miss a FEW Event.
*Receive a special gift from Kim
*Access to FEW's private Facebook Group
*No minimum committment - cancel anytime

Click here and choose Option TWO, FEW Virtual Membership Only.

FEW Option THREE | NON-MEMBER GUEST Registration for one Live Event | $65/Visit

Non-Members can attend FEW Live Meetings when they are able without a FEW Membership.

Non-Member registration is $65 each time you attend a FEW Live Event (after you've enjoyed your Complimentary First Time Attendee Registration).

Click here and choose Option THREE, Non-Member Guest Registration